Pontiac Southern Nationals / American Pride Car Show

2017 Registration

P.S.N. : September 23, 2017 — A.C.S. : September 24, 2017


The Saturday Car Show Registration fee of $25.00 covers one Pontiac, driver, and passengers in the show car for entrance to both the PSN Car Show and the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

The Sunday Registration fee of $25.00 covers one American make car, truck, or bike plus passengers in that vehicle for entrance to both the APCS Car Show and the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

Pontiacs may register for both show days at a discounted rate of $45.00 which includes access to the car shows and museum on both days.

Fans, family and spectators arriving in vehicles other than show cars will enter the car show and Flight Museum via the Cavanaugh Flight Museum entrance and pay the museum admission fees.

Ways you may pre-register for the Pontiac Southern Nationals 2017:

1. Fill out the online form below and submit your payment via PayPal,


2. Fill out the form included on the PSN/APS 2017 Flyer and mail it to the specified address, along with your registration fee.


3. You can also register on-site at the event, but pre-registration offers Express Check-in at the on-site PSN Registration Desk.

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