DAPA at Autorama 2014

Dallas Autorama 2014 is in the record books,  and DAPA participated once again this year with an eight (8) car club display.  Although earlier in the week the weather had been wet, cold, and more than a little bit ominous, by the time for move-in on Thursday we were graced with clear skies and pleasant temperatures that held throughout the weekend.  Once more DAPA would like to thank Derrick and Brenda Neyra for taking care of the club neon sign and display rigging, helping with set-up on Thursday and break-down on Sunday evening.

Member: Jack Ammons2011 Pontiac SolsticeClass: Restored Convertible 2009-2011Award: Class Recognition

Jack Ammons’s 2011 Solstice

Todd Bradford

Todd Bradford’s 1969 Firebird

Member: Todd Bradford1969 Pontiac FirebirdClass: Custom ConvertibleAward: 1st Place
Member: Russell Chase1968 Pontiac FirebirdClass: Restored 1968-1972Award: Class Recognition

Russel Chase’s 1968 Firebird

Keith Davidson’s – 1968 Firebird

Member: Keith Davidson1968 Pontiac FirebirdClass: Restored 1968-1972Award: Class Recognition
Member: Rob & Laura Garrett1969 Pontiac GTOClass: Competition StockAward: 2nd Place

Rob & Laura Garrett’s 1969 GTO

Frank & Brenda Moren’s 1958 Chieftan

Member: Frank & Brenda Moren1958 Pontiac ChieftainClass: Restored 1958-1967Award: 2nd Place
Member: Bob Spurrier1956 Pontiac Chieftain WagonClass: Restored 1945-1957Award: 1st Place

Bob Spurrier’s 1956 Chieftain Wagon

Rick Thiessen’s 1979 Trans Am

Member: Rick Thiessen1979 Pontiac Trans AmClass: Restored 1979-1984Award: 2nd Place.

Congratulations to our participants, and THANK YOU for taking the time away from work and other aspects of your lives to represent DAPA and Pontiac.

For a collection of photos from this event, please see the Autorama 2014 photo album on Shutterfly.