AutoRama 2012 was a super successful event.  With a total of eight gorgeous cars in the DAPA display the camaraderie was wonderful.  Rob Bender did a great job of arranging the cars to make the display color coordinated.  With cars ranging from a 1939 Sedan belonging to Tom & Judy Rivers to a couple of 1979 TransAm’s, one belonging to Kevin Skaggs and the other belonging to Cathy & Guy Larson.

Included in the display were a 1955 Starchief (John & Colleen Darling), a 1958 Chieftain (Frank & Brenda Moren), a 1969 GTO (Rob Garrett), a 1970 Lemans (Dan Grace) and “Tweetie”, a 1972 Formula (Lee and his daughter Jennifer Green).

With the weather cooperating for move in it made for a smooth and stress free set-up.  Also the addition of corner brackets to the stanchions, using Tommy Rivers’ idea and Frank Moren’s “manufacturing”, the ropes surrounding the display held up very well against the spectators.  The DVD, which was used during the weekend and produced by John Bily, was a huge success.  It was almost a moot point until Frank “found” the club’s TV/DVD player hidden in his garage… right where he left it after last year’s AutoRama.

As far as how everyone placed… does it really matter?  We had such a great time that we all were WINNER’s in our minds.  Never-the-less we all walked away with a plaque.  The three newest participants really seemed to enjoy themselves and we all would like to see more “newbies” at the next AutoRama.

The Photo Album can be viewed here: AutoRama 2012

Write up compliments of Frank & Brenda Moren