DALLAS AUTORAMA 2011 at Dallas Market Hall (February 18, 19 & 20)
by Frank & Brenda Moren

AutoRama photos are below

What a show, whether you like cool cars, monster trucks, toys, parts or even just people watching, it was all there.  Setting up the display was easy with all the support we had; and the new rope worked well.  We all enjoyed “Lenny’s” subs as a lunch snack on Thursday, along with the camaraderie.  The display was perfect with Huelyn’s 66 GTO next to Steve’s 79 Trans Am, Frank & Brenda’s 58 Chieftain next to Brian’s 98 Formula, John & Colleen’s 55 Star Chief next to Shawn’s 76 Trans Am and Tom & Judy’s 39 Sedan next to Brenda’s 02 Formula.  Spectacular !!!

Following are words from some of the participants in this year’s AutoRama:

Brian James – hey this is Brian I had a great time at my 1st one and I even got Best in Class !

John & Colleen Darling – Hi ! Well this was our sixth consecutive Autorama (fourth in the DAPA group) , and we received another “Outstanding in Class” award (2nd place). We had a great time the entire weekend at the show, meeting many new people, visiting with friends, our stay at the hotel, ($10.00 for a HAMBURGER ??????????) and snacking on Brenda’s spicy pretzels. Gad ! How can you top that ? – Just do it again next year. John & Colleen D.

Huelyn Duvall – Nice to meet all the DAPA entries at Autorama.  This was a good time for me as I don’t get out to shows with the car very often.  Autorama was a very nice experience.  Well organized by both Autorama and DAPA.  I needed the help and everyone provided it. The sandwiches hit the spot.  I felt right at home each day.  My plaque was for “outstanding in class” which was very unexpected but very much appreciated. Other than the last minute “flu bug” that left me without a place to stay, the experience was good.  I was going to stay in Trophy Club until my grandchildren came down with type A flu.  Thanks to Frank for watching after me and thanks to you (Brenda M.) for helping with my “ZIPPER”.  We will just leave it at that!!!!! Hope to see you again down the road,

Brenda Neyra – 2002 Formula Firebird – Best in Class – Well…it was my first time at AutoRama and I really enjoyed meeting and spending time with our DAPA members who also joined us displaying their wonderful cars, and I wish to thank the other DAPA members who stopped by and helped us by talking to people and promoting the Southern Nationals. We had a tremendous amount of visitors who appreciated our Pontiacs and stopped to chat. I think we all had great eye catching displays, and we had the privilege of having Elvis with us for the weekend – he was quite the eye candy!  I heard a few horror stories about past happenings at AutoRama, and we did not see any of that (at least I didn’t). The event was well organized, the weather was excellent, and there was a fantastic turnout. The cars all had their recommended fuel allowance, drip pans/pads, tape for the fuel caps & ability to disconnect the batteries so we were good to go!  The only negative were the unruly children that unfortunately seem to show up with neglectful parents at most car events, who were evidentially blind, because they could not seem to go anywhere without following with their hands along the rope, but there was always someone with our display to make sure no one bothered our cars.

Shawn Pergande – Ellen & I had a great time as usual spending it with our fellow DAPA Pontiac Lovers at the Autorama. Got to spend time with fellow enthusiasts and my brother was able to come up from Houston in his newly acquired 2001 WS6. He enjoyed the event as well. The outcome with our entry (1976 LE 50th Anniversary TA) was such a surprise as it took “Best In Class” beating our fellow Bandit Runners (David Hersey’s 77 SE TA & Anthony Rusing’s 78 SE TA) and another entry was a 75 1/2 Cosworth. Needless to say we were very greatful. Thanks for the great times and we’ll keep on Pontyaking!!!

Frank & Brenda Moren – This was our third time showing “Ilene” in the AutoRama with only one year being skipped out of the last four years.  She took “Outstanding” in her class; we are oh so proud !!!  The experience we have each and every time gets better and better.  We love spending time with other DAPA members and talking “car” with the spectators.  Most people are in awe of seeing our beloved 58 and many say they “remember seeing these types of cars when they were young”.  It is a wonderful feeling seeing the expressions on their faces as they reminisce back in time.  Overall the show is very well organized, both entering and leaving, and it never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful cars they can get into the building each year, along with the multitude of various vendors.

On behalf of Tommy & Judy Rivers – after speaking with them on the phone they informed us that their car took “Best in Class” for their class and they said they enjoyed themselves very much especially getting to spend time with the other DAPA members.  They look forward to seeing everyone at the Pontiac Nationals coming up soon.

On behalf of Steve Kahn – We didn’t get a chance to speak with Steve, but we believe his car took either Outstanding or Best in his class for his beautiful 1979 Black Trans Am.

Well, before we run out of room we’ll end this write up with a praise to all of the participants for a job well done and thank them for their time.