Autorama Dallas
February 15-17, 2009

The Autorama Car Shows are a series of events at major cities across the country.  Dallas often appears on the schedule the second weekend in February – Valentine’s Day weekend.  This year, Saturday, usually the biggest day of the three day show… was Valentine’s Day.

This dilemma weighs heavily on a man’s mind when he needs to decide if he is going to enter his Pontiac in the Autorama DAPA display; or spend the weekend with his Wife/Significant Other.  Hmm, the wife/S.O., or the other girl in his life, his Pontiac?

But wait! This is not a problem for half of our DAPA displayers.  Their women folk came out to Autorama on Valentine’s Day to spend it with their family members, their husband and their Pontiac!  Brenda and Frank Moren, Colleen and John Darling, Judy and Tommy Rivers, Gloria and Ken Davis, and I think Ellen was there with Shawn Pergande; all spent the day together and appeared to have a wonderful time.  I’m fairly sure the remaining DAPA displayers took off early enough to take their ladies out for the evening.

This appeared to be the case for many of the attendees too.  There was a great crowd in attendance throughout the day on Saturday; right up until about 4:00pm when the Market Hall mysteriously began to thin out – remember the show continues ‘til 10:00pm on Saturday.  Call it a compromise: he gets the day to play with car toys; she gets the evening to toy with romance.  Ahh, “give and take”, the glue of marriage.

OK, reality check, here are the Autorama 2009 results of the DAPA display:

John & Colleen Darling 1955 Star Chief Convertible Outstanding in Class Restored Convertible
Frank & Brenda Moran 1958 Chieftain Place in Class 1958-1967 Restored Original
Tommy & Judy Rivers 1956 Pontiac Chieftain Sports Coupe Outstanding in Class 1950-1957 Restored Original
Kenneth Davis 1961 Ventura 2 Dr. Hardtop Outstanding in Class 1958-1962 Restored Original
Robert Kern 1974 Grand Am Outstanding in Class 1970-1979 Altered Restored
John Dutton 1979 Trans Am Place in Class 1970-1979 Conservative Hardtop
Randy DeMeyer 1999 Grand Prix GTP Outstanding in Class 1990-1999 Conservative Hardtop
Shawn Pergande 1999 Trans Am WS6 1st Place in Class 1990-1999 Conservative Hardtop

Congratulations to All!  And the rest of you remember, DAPA tries to include different Pontiacs in our display each year at Autorama, so you have a whole year to prepare.

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