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TMCCC/DAPA Racing Event at Texas Motorplex, Ennis, TX

Race Report, by Harold Baker, DAPA Race Director
March 25, 2007, Texas Motorplex, Ennis, Texas

What a wonderful day for racing we had. The temperature was about 72 degrees, a light wind and sunny all day. We had a decent turnout of 11 racers consisting of; Harold Baker, Bob Cook, Phillip Madden, Marty Parker, Floyd Hand, Jessica Dudley, David Dudley, George and Tom Reaves, Mike Miner, and Tom Cheatwood. Shawn Patterson was also hanging out with us, but raced for his Camaro Club.


DAPA racers ran into some bad luck as far as overall results go, but we did have a few bright spots. Jessica Dudley made her debut in King Muscle winning 3 rounds. Bob Cook also won 3 rounds in Super Muscle with his new GTO. Mike Miner won his first 2 rounds and Floyd Hand won his first round. Marty Parker made it to the semi-finals representing DAPA in the Race of Champions. I greatly appreciate all the support of DAPA race fans HR Dudley, Margie Hand, Paul Parker, and Joyce Baker.

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Third Annual Multiple Sclerosis Car Show

by Shawn Wheeler

I want to express my gratitude to all of you who attended the MS Car Show hosted by The Dallas Mopar Club. The show was a great success! We were represented by some of our clubs finest cars and members. We were all afraid the show would be a wash out as threatening weather of the night before almost did not subside. I was awake until 2:am Saturday morning wondering if the inclement weather would ever end, but it finally did. Although the day started off a little on the cool side it turned out to be perfect weather for the show.

We had all planned to meet at Hooters in Addison at 8:30 am but due to the wet roads we encountered on the trek from Lavon to Addison we had to stop by the car wash first. We made it there at 8:45 and evidently we weren’t the only ones facing this dilemma as a couple others got there after us. Finally it looked like most of the club members had arrived so we began the caravan to the show. As we drove towards the show we all passed the one sign with one arrow pointing straight ahead north on Quorum Road. I was leading (blind leading the blind) so not knowing exactly where I was going I was trying to wing it and I took everyone on a tour of the streets of Addison and finally ended up on the opposite side of the park from where the show was being held. We were all directed by some officials to go back past the big blue sculpture we had passed previously and continue back south on Quorum Rd to the other entrance of the park. The show hosts watched in amazement as they were taken over by our 9 PONTIACS as we all pulled into the parking lot. Upon our arrival there were 2 Mopars in the show and I’m sure at that point they had to call in reinforcements from their club.

We all ate our free lunches and then judged each other’s cars and the non-Pontiacs entered in the show. We all then gathered on a grassy area behind the cars and discussed doing a collective donation to the M/S charity. We raised $100.00 between all of us and we challenged Dallas Mopar Club to match it which they beat our challenge by raising $110.

Our cars and members in attendance were:

  • Dennis Russell 1969 Firebird
  • Phillip Madden & Family 1989 Turbo Trans Am
  • Rob Bender 2000 Grand Prix GTP
  • Tom DiSabatino 1974 GTO
  • Shawn Wheeler & Family 1980 Turbo Trans Am
  • Harold & Joyce Baker 2000 Trans Am WS6
  • Steve Trim 1968 GTOBrian Donahue 1969 GTO
  • Don Fenton 1968 GTO
  • Richard Knox

We all went home with some kind of trophy and all had a great time. Together we can make the club functions and events fun and enjoyable for all. See ya at the next event.


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