Race Report, by Harold Baker, DAPA Race Director
November 4, 2006

DAPA’s 2006 TMCCC race season ended in spectacular style. The weather was cool, and slightly overcast which made for some very quick ETs. DAPA racers took home 5 trophies. Lee Green won 1st place in Factory Muscle; Marty Parker won 1st place in the Big Dog race, Ted Fox won 1st place in the Race of Champions, David Allen won 1st place in Electronics and 2nd place in the Electronics Big Dog Race. Ed Cumming and Marty Parker went 3 rounds in their classes. Many other DAPA racers including Floyd Hand, David Dudley, Jessica Dudley, HR Dudley, Jennifer Green, Jeff Kmosko, and Harold Baker were on hand for tire melting competition. David and Harold went 2 rounds in their classes. Harold had a Dead on Dial win in the first round, but lost in the second round by breakout – his opponent ran Dead on Dial. Harold’s second round consolation was his best ever ET (13.13 seconds) and trap speed (105.38 mph). Once again DAPA had a good turnout for the last race of the season. The 2007 season begins March 11 at Texas Raceway in Kennedale, so get your cars ready and be prepared for another great race season! Click a picture to see a larger view.